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Who we are

Mission Statement

The mission of Plantwell Trading Company is to achieve the highest quality of standards in the cannabis industry with the greatest intentions to promote health & wellness safely. Plantwell Trading Company is focused on educating under-privileged communities and providing direct access to resources. Plantwell Trading Company will strive to lead in creating a climate for the holistic-focused practice of Health & Wellness and self-care through the use of cannabis(hemp).

Core Values

  • The inherent worth and greater, well-being of all individuals.
  • To treat of all individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity in the pursuit of social justice.
  • Communication that is open, honest and direct.
  • The highest standards of professionalism, with an emphasis on quality of care, ethical behavior and ensuring confidentiality (ex. HIPPA & PHI).
  • The powerful role of education in all of our work.

Health & Wellness is a state of being, evolving from a way of living, that helps individuals achieve their highest potential through the integration of all components of their lives. We encourage personal responsibility for those using alternative therapies, such as, cannabis for self-care. Our approach identifies cannabis products, and also, to provide information to maintain and enhance well-being according to individual needs and desires.

Plantwell Trading Company’s true goal is to optimize wellness, now and for the future.

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